Speed Review: Home Hair Straightening with Dariya Venezel


At the very start of the year I tried out this home hair straightening kit from Dariya (a well known Japanese brand) Venezel.  They have a treatment for long and short hair- I got the long hair version. I had very very curly frizzy hair (I forgot to take a pre-treatment shot but basically I had a perm that never grew out).   The straightening treatment is not exactly straightforward…

As good as a £60 hair treatment? Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Range and Stoke Park Spa


Pantene Sleek & Smooth hair care range has been around for ever – it’s a classic, right? And recently, Stoke Park Spa endorsed Pantene Sleek & Smooth as a hair care range that delivers the same level of sophisticated performance women should expect from a luxury spa.. I was thinking about Pantene recently, because I was in need of some shampoo and looking in my local corner shop (which is very small) only 2 shampoos […]

Chi Keratin Mist Leave in Strengthening Treatment Review


I was actually being nosy when I found out about Chi Keratin mist as I heard Arlene talking about it – something about the name Chi appealed to me. Chi is energy. Chi, if harnessed correctly makes you into a kung fu master. Or something like that. Anyway on to the hair product. I don’t use leave in treatments that often because I find them heavy although judging by how dry my hair is these […]

VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak, Silky Smooth and Deep Nourishing Elixir Review


When I was growing up, the range that everyone used to use was Alberto VO5. The crunchy mousse? The gel that was like translucent green jelly in a giant tub? I had it. VO5 Hot Oil my mum used to buy and I would nick them to treat me hair even though, in it’s virgin state, my hair was naturally healthy and shiny. I recently had my hair lightened so was told to get lots […]

Dry Hair Fixer: Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence


My hair, incase you didn’t know, is a faint shade of green and I look like I’ve been crawling out of a wind chunnel most days. Painful stuff. Until I get a snazzy new hair cut I will have to put intensive treatments. Generally speaking I don’t like leave in treatments if they leave the hair greasy or lank. One of the reasons I love Japanese treatments is because they feel so light on the […]

Treatment for Dry Hair: Virgin Coconut Oil


Ahhhh. My hair and scalp could do with some TLC and in these situations I always reach for my trusty jar of Virgin Coconut Oil. (Jar from Ikea, Coconut oil from eBay – of course!) This has lasted me ages as I buy it 1kg at a time. Virgin Coconut oil is antibacterial and a lot of people using for cooking although I personally associate it with soapmaking and skincare too much to eat it! […]

Want longer hair? Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review


It wasn’t until I had a horrendously mad mullet cut last year that I started looking up ways to get my hair to grow faster, quicker. All kind of things came up – special shampoos, special tables, horse tablets and what not. Not really willing to stretch to taking bizarre tablets for the sake of making my hair grow faster, so I have just been letting it slowly become humanish again. Then this Lee Stafford […]

Review: Redken Scalp Relief Treatments; Dandruff, Soothing and Detox


In my never ending pursuit of scalp relief, I stumbled across these Redken scalp treatment tonics. Applied after shampooing, I figured these would be a worthy investment. I bought all three since I suffer a little from each of the symptoms mentioned here, and (mainly) because I found them on eBay for about £4 each (retail is about £14/99). Bargain! Oil Detox for oily scalps. This is a very light oil that made my scalp […]

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