Hair Mousse, how 80s: LUCIDO-L Designing Whip Hair Foam Clear Wave Review


Regular readers may know I have a massive soft spot for Lucido-L Japanese hair styling products because they are so good, and so light on the hair. None of this grease and weighing down business! I bought this Lucido-L Mousse because I haven’t had a mousse for ages! Remember how crispy it used to make your hair? Crunch! I much prefer styling sprays. This mousse or hair foam is great for creative waves and controls […]

Wet Hair, Dry Now! Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Wonder Spray Review


If you have seen my second You Tube Video with Megs, you will know that according to Chinese grannies (or perhaps just my granny), you are not supposed to go to sleep with wet hair. My gran says this is because it will give you ‘wind wet’ (literal translation!) or rather, Rheumatism. I always wash in the evening. Habit. My hair stays wet for ages because I tend to let it dry naturally. It has […]

Speed Review: Skinfood Lychee Essence Mist For Damaged Hair Review


The other day I decided that I wanted some Lychee themed products so bought this cute lip and cheek duo and this Essence Mist for my dry and damaged hair… My hair at the moment, is starting to look a bit more human, although its still very dry – I had colour put on it a few months back and it got far too light thus stripping a lot of its health. I am kicking […]

5 Day Giveaway, Tuesday: Charles Worthington Front Row Hair Styling Products


Day two, want to win a selection of Charles Worthington Front Row hair styling products? Well here’s your chance! There will be at least 3 products in your good bag, so you can style your hair no matter how short or long it is. Want to win it? Answer This: If you could be on the front row of any show, or of any event, what would it be?

Hair Product Love: Liese Iron Make Collection Multi Arrange Hair Styling Spray


I was very disappointed when I got this Kao Liese Iron Make Multi Arrange Hair Styling Spray (What a mouthful!) to find that the spray is not rainbow coloured. Its clear. How cute is it though! Cuteeee! This product from Liese is to be used with hot iron products – straighteners or curlers. It protects the hair and provides hold regardless of whether you want straight hair or curly. It also prevents heat damage and […]

Review: Kerastase Nectar Thermique Thero Protective Hair Jelly!


I had a blow dry at the Hairdressers before Christmas and the lady in question (who did a so-so job) used this Keratase Nectar Thermique product on me. I’ve never used Keratase before because its SO DAMN expensive. £20 for a conditioner! What?! Still, I decided to try one of these out. It smells fantastic and it makes me look like a hair styling pro. I think. They Say: Nectar Thermique from Kerastase is ideal […]

Bargin Christmas Gift: Lee Stafford Climate Control Set

This nifty Lee Stafford Set on sale at Boots for £8 is a rather good purchase because not only do you get a pink brolly in the set, its also in the 3 for 2! The spray is pretty good to, it helps with control and frizzies too (when you’ve been out in the rain!). Lee Stafford Climate Control Protection Spray is a long lasting non-sticky hairspray with a flexible hold that helps to weatherproof […]

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