Valentine’s Glam! Daniel Galvin Valentine’s Day Romantic Waves Offer


Daniel Galvin is offering half price ‘Romantic Waves’  for the 14th of February – yes, baby making night – and you can upgrade to include a head massage and Daniel Galvin detox for £26. The detox makes the hair look shinier and more vibrant.  How gorgeous are these waves? If anyone is having a hot date and is going for this kind of look, then lucky you!  It’ll be lovely.  As new parents we will […]

*Updated* Hair like Cheryl Cole


Woot! Getting my hair cut today (hopefully). I know a lot of people don’t like old Chezza, but I love her shorter hair style! This is what I’m taking to the hairdressers: Poor Cheryl. I actually respect the fact that she fought for her marriage the first time around, where a lot of women would have walked away, especially as she has money and a career or her own…but this time, Ashley you dirtie birtie, […]

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