Nicky Clarke DesiRED Wide Plate Hair Straightener Review


I genuinely have a soft spot for Nicky Clarke hair appliances – I reviewed the regular sized DesiRED straighteners in 2009  and thought they were better than GHDs (from that era) because they had more glide – old style GHDs always used to drag on my hair.  Now almost 6 years later (eek! Where does the time go!) here are the wide plate version! I do like wide plate straighteners because it means I get my […]

The best mini hair straighteners? The Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review


I have an obsession with all things mini (apart from food portions) and all things portable! Is it any surprise that I wanted…needed some really really good mini hair straighteners?  I refuse to carry big hair tools around with me when I travel and always have a twinge of regret when I look like a scarecrow on holiday. The thing is I have accumulated many over the years (I have this weird obsession with electrical […]

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