Ombre Hair at Michael Barnes Hairdressing Salon Review


I was in London a week or two ago and paid a visit to Michael Barnes hairdressers just off….a street somewhere…I don’t know. Never been good with London directions. It was really close to Covent Garden anyway, that’s all you need to know. Michael Barnes is an unpretentious, relaxed kinda salon. Busy…very busy. Staff always busy with new customers – so far so good. I went with the intention of getting some kind of Ombre […]

Hair Do Nail Don’t: Gielly Green Boutique Salon Review


I squeeze in a lot of things when I’m down in London and since I spotted the Wahanda deal for Gielly Green Boutique Salon (I paid £35 for a Haircut and Manicure) I thought – why the hell not! I could do with a trim anyway…. So, where do I start? How about how my direction sense goes out of the window when I’m in London town. Making a 9.30am appointment was not a wise […]

Salon Review: Taylor Taylor Hairdressers, Cheshire Street


I was invited to Taylor Taylor hair salon (their Cheshire Street branch) for a colour so went along on the IMATS weekend. It was blardy freezing and it was quite a trek to the salon…but someone didn’t bring the map I had painstakingly taken 3 minutes to print out, and someone expected us to use our internal Sat Navs to find out way there. Amazingly enough we got there on time. Down past Brick Lane, […]

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