Multi Tasking Chocolate Hair Removing Face Mask! Chocoable EpiPack Review


When I saw this product, a Chocolate Hair Removing Face Mask, I was like hello!!!! It’s as made for me! Not that I’m that…erm, hairy. This EpiPack hails from Asia, naturally, don’t you just like innovative beauty products?! When it comes to facial hair removal I use good old tweezers and rarely, I will attempt waxing. I have also had threading done and I have come to the conclusion that I need to be extremely […]

Second Chance Friday: Tend Skin Solution For Ingrown Hair Review


Today I will be looking at three products that I have used in the past, disliked, and decided to try again. I will begin with Tend Skin! I reviewed this item here and compared it to my favourite ingrown hair product, PFB Vanish. I bought this recently on a trip to London – I could feel an ingrown hair forming so Mr C had to make a dash to HQ Hair to find this for […]

Multi Task, Woman! Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Review


So like I’ve said before, I’m no Gorilla so my time spent with hair removal products is limited. Having said that – there are times when must ensure an entirely smooth finish, so I gave this Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream a go on my armpits and legs. The glamour. This product comes with an exfoliating sponge and it basically goes like this: Apply the hair removing cream to the area you want to […]

Waxing the Brows & Moustache! Veet High Precision Facial Wax Review


As I am finally going on holiday soon I have been testing out loads of different kinds of hair removal products. It’s amazing how much choice there is out there these days – home hair removal seems to be split into razors, hair removal creams and waxes. In the salon I have ventured as far as threading (which I have now decided is too much for my sensitive skin which goes red and sore for […]

Furry Bits: The Naked Soap Company Shaver’s Bar Review


Made for boys and girls, The Naked Soap Company created this Shavers Bar so we could use it whilst….shaving. Obviously. Its taken me a trillion years to get round to showing you all this, but what can I say? I am no Yeti. There are lots of Natural Soap companies about and if you want a truly pure, handmade bar of soap you need to make sure you are getting a product that is made […]

Ingrown Hairs? Try Blinc Resurfacing resurf.a.stic

Blinc are better known for their ‘tube’ mascaras that wash off easily but don’t run or smudge. I was surprised to find their ‘stic’ range – three chubby sticks with exfoliating qualities. There’s ‘ingrown’, ‘face’ and ‘body’. I am guessing the difference is the size of the crystals in the stick that vary (you obviously have to be more gentle with the face). I picked up the Ingrown version because I am always trying to […]

Review: Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream looks like Ice Cream!

I have a confession. I rarely use shaving creams, foams or oils when I erm, shave. Why? Its a bit luxurious, innit? Its an extra. Why can’t I just use soap? Why can’t I just use soap and water? Or shower gel? Or body lotion? Its the same reason that I don’t buy chicken breasts (My mother would disapprove at me spending £6 on 2 chicken boobs when I could just get meat on the […]

PFB Vanish vs Tend Skin – for ingrown hairs!


Ingrown hairs, like herpes, is a fact of life. But at least with ingrown hairs we now have some easy ways to soothe the problem! Enter PFB Vanish: They say: The roll on applicator has several advantages, you get an even application of product every time, with no waste of product, and the product never gets on your hands…no need for a cotton ball or make-up pad anymore. * Roll-on applicator “never comes in contact […]

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