Salon Waxing at home? Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review, My Hairy legs and Pre Launch at Boots!


Veet’s newest invention is the EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit, a heat up roll on wax dispenser type contraption, that evenly spreads the product over your hairy bits so they are easy to wax. Ta da! I like every kind of gadget, even more so beauty ones and although I am not a big waxer (not that hairy…or at least that’s what the gorilla told me)but I do a lot of waxing for the hairy ladies […]

Ministry of Waxing: SOS Saving Virgin Forest Rescue Kit!


I never thought I’d say that waxing is addictive but it kind of is. Especially bikini waxing – although to be honest, it’s not the kind of pain I can inflict on myself on a regularly. I prefer that a professional – and I mean a real professional do it. I have an appointment with Ministry of Waxing next week – will report on that later but before then I have a rather cool kit […]

Waxing for dummies: Veet Easy Grip Ready to Use Wax Strips Review


Maybe ‘dummies’ is a little harsh, but let’s face it, some people are better than waxing than others. Me – I am about as unprofessional as they get. I stick it on and rip it off, then deal with the ingrown hair later.  I am getting really interested in trying different hair removal methods though, as long as they don’t involve too much pain.  More on that later. So here I am with Veet’s newer […]

Nair Silky Sensations Hair Removal Cream Dual Moisturising Blend Review


When I got these Nair Silky Sensations creams I thought they were moisturisers. Well they look like moisturisers don’t they?!!! So I spread it all over my arm, had a good sniff…thankfully the smell of hair removal cream is unmistakable so within a minute I had wiped it all off. Eek! These Nair Silky Sensations Hair Removal Cream Dual Moisturising Blends are HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS, even though they look like body creams and ice cream […]

Hair today, Gone in a second: Simply Wax by Otylia Roberts Hair Removal Strips Review


So I get a bit of hair on my legs (I think it’s some kind of genetic disorder) because I don’t get hairy legs. Just odd hairs. Nevertheless these small sections of hair need to be removed because other people say so (I don’t have a bit problem with body hair if no one is going to be looking at the area!!!) – so I got these Simply Wax strips to try (By Otylia Roberts, […]

Speed Review: Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser Review


I am not overly hairy…at least not on my legs, but nevertheless I still need to think about upkeep! I have been using Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser for 6 weeks now and this cream is supposed to hydrate and minimize hair growth. It’s quite a liquid lotion that sinks in quickly. I have sensitive skin on my legs (in fact a lot of waxing gives me a red highly itchy rash) but I didn’t […]

Tuesday Giveaway! 5 Sets of Otylia Roberts Simply Wax Range To Win!


Feeling tired and sluggish…how about a lovely giveaway to start Tuesday?! Ever since my first professional wax treatment I’ve been a bit obsessed with waxing products. So today I have a cool FIVE full sets of the Simply Wax range to giveaway. The range was developed with celebrity waxer Otylia Roberts, the official waxer for Comic Relief and Walkers. Five people will get the following: Simply Wax Strip Free White Wax for Sensitive Areas has […]

Male Waxing Services & My Brow Wax at Benefit Covent Garden!


I popped into Benefit Covent Garden for a brow wax with Mr Darren Seale, waxing expert and in the process roped in Mr C (he was lucky, it could’ve been a sack and crack). I’ve never been into the Benefit boutique before and it’s kinda cute, and the brow bar is well equipped with the necessary tools; wax, dye, steriliser! The boutique:

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