Help me choose! Which Fresh Light Blythe Bubble Hair Dye should I choose?!


I’ve got roots baby, roots, and it’s time for a spring hair colour touch up! Fresh Light is a brand that make the Blythe Doll hair dyes (they do normal cream dyes and now the bubble/foam type). They smell of apple and I think they work so well for naturally dark Asian hair, better than Clairol or John Frieda’s attempts (although they may suit Western hair better). I purchased both of the following dyes but […]

Foam Hair Dye: Hoyu Beautylabo Milkshake Japanese Hair Dye Review


My usual hair dye of choice is Prettia Foam Dye which is excellent and one of the best foam dyes I have ever used. I prefer foam dye, it’s much quicker, gentler and easier to use. John Frieda and Clairol now also have foam dyes – it’ll be interesting to see how the Western market takes it. I will be testing this Clairol on my mother soon – seeing as she’s quite old school I’ll […]

Hair Dye Hints & Tips & Japanese Hair Dye Palty Hair Colors!


Hair dye tips, from someone who dyed their hair green? Yes, really. I get a lot of questions about the Japanese Hair Dyes, so I thought I’d do a quick post on choosing a Japanese hair dye and also show the gorgeous new visuals from Palty – the shades haven’t actually changed, but Palty do bother to change the imagery every now and then. I love these hair colours and I love the visuals! Yes […]

Reviewers Needed: Schwarzkopf Live Luminance & Palette Hair Dyes


Ladies, today I need two of you who are looking to do home colour on your hair to review some products for me. One of you will have hair hair for a blonde dye and one of you will have brown to dark brown hair for a vivid deep red dye. 1. Dye One: Schwarkopf Live Luminance Radiant Red This dye is special because it also has a lightening element which means that if you […]

Speed Review: Naturtint Reflex Non Permanent Hair Dye


A few months ago I got my hands on this Naturtint Non Permanent Hair Dye to try out. Regular readers know I have to be careful with what hair dye I use because of my highly sensitive scalp. I have used Naturtint permanent dyes before with success but I didn’t want anything with too much commitment (I knew I was going to the salon a month later). The Naturtint Reflex hair dye is non permanent […]

Review: Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon


I generally find going to the hairdressers traumatic – too much chatter, weak coffee and hair I totally didn’t want at the end of it. Scary stuff. So my experience with Karine Jackson’s hair salon began well – I planned to visit whilst I was down in London so they sent me a skin allergy test, to see if I turned nasty on contact with PPD (a chemical in hair dye which turns some people […]

Creepy Good: Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye – Brilliant Ash


I still maintain that it’s rather odd to have a range of hairdye based on the hair colour of some dolls, but there you go. I know – I only dyed me hair a week ago but I decided I didn’t like it.  You know when you bleach your hair it goes from being brown (if it was brown to begin with) through an orange stage nad if you are lucky to a nice, ashy […]

Prettia Hair Dye – Bleach


I think I was a little too harsh on the Prettia Hair Dye the last time I reviewed it. I grew into the subtle hair colour, a subtle warm brown, and the whole process was fairly easy. Prettia is also very economical – my hair is extremely long, and one box of this does me because it is a foam – it goes further. I need at least 2 boxes for any other kind of […]

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