Speed Review: Naturtint Reflex Non Permanent Hair Dye


A few months ago I got my hands on this Naturtint Non Permanent Hair Dye to try out. Regular readers know I have to be careful with what hair dye…

Review: Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon


I generally find going to the hairdressers traumatic – too much chatter, weak coffee and hair I totally didn’t want at the end of it. Scary stuff. So my experience…

Creepy Good: Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye – Brilliant Ash


I still maintain that it’s rather odd to have a range of hairdye based on the hair colour of some dolls, but there you go. I know – I only…

Prettia Hair Dye – Bleach


I think I was a little too harsh on the Prettia Hair Dye the last time I reviewed it. I grew into the subtle hair colour, a subtle warm brown,…

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