Baby’s (Traumatic) First Haidressing Experience at Antz in Your Pantz in Timperley, Manchester :(


UPDATE: 22/10/2013 Have now got much better responses from the company and hairdresser apologising for the whole debacle. I am finding the whole thing less of a horrible memory now and will just have to put it down to a unfortunate circumstances. UPDATE: 18/10/2013 I finally emailed the company to explain what happened and how upset we were by the whole thing. Someone called Laura responded with, “Unfortunately the hairdressers is a completely separate business […]

Salon Visit: John Carne Knightsbridge Hair Cut and Igora Vibrance Colour Review


It came to that time again, where my hair could be mistaken for a mop, so off I hopped to a John Carne Hair Salon located in Knightsbridge (a stone’s throw from Harrods).  It was in a great location – even I could find it. The salon’s interior is very chic and minimalist, but despite this feels very friendly and welcoming.  I was booked in with the lovely Ellie, for a cut and colour using […]

Review: Haircut with Jamie Stevens at Errol Douglas

This post has taken a while because I am pretty terrible at styling my hair so haven’t been able to get a decent photograph for this it (see at the end of the post…) Anyway, whilst I was in London in what feels like an age ago, I went to the very posh Errol Douglas Hair Salon (Cosmetics a la Carte is next door!) in Knightsbridge, dah-ling, for a hair cut with Jamie Stevens: Jamie […]

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