Kose Salon Style Precious Head Spa Day Damage Care Milk UV Review


Salon Style is a Kose hair care brand. It’s a shame shampoo and conditioners are too heavy to ship over otherwise my shower would be lined with Shiseido! I actually bought this Salon Style Precious Head Spa milk because I thought it was some kind of sunscreen (because of the UV bit) – there’s no SPF listed but it is supposed to offer some kind of protection. Kose SALON STYLE Precious Head Spa Day Damage […]

Dry Problem Scalp? Golden Emu Oil Hair Plus Scalp Activator Review


I have had plenty of scalp troubles, itching, flaking and general uncomfortableness. I find that oils on the scalp really help soothe it (such as Olive and Coconut) so why not Emu!? I have talked about the benefits of Emu oil here and here. In brief, it is a fantastic moisturiser full of fatty acids and full of anti-oxidants and is also said to help with those that suffer from hair loss. The people who […]

Review: Skinfood Olive Oil Hair Essence

Since getting my hair cut (more on that experience later) I’ve been determined to treat my extremely dry hair carefully with lots of nourishing treatments, so that if I do grow it again, it won’t be a big massive frizzy hair bomb. Olive Oil is a wonderful treatment for the hair, but I liked the look of this Skinfood Olive Hair Essence which I saw on eBay (about £8 with shipping). The essence is a […]

Review: Merlin Raspberry Sealer for the Hair

It’s a good job I occasional read instructions. When I got this Raspberry Sealer hair product I presumed it was for styling, but silly me – its a sealer! You use it after washing your hair, leave for 1 – 5 mins, so a bit like a conditioner, but its not. Its a balancing sealer for all hair types, ok? They Say: A highly concentrated product formulated to re-balance the cuticle area of the hair. […]

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