Where to buy Japanese Make Up! Adambeauty.com Online Shopping Guide


Note: I am not affiliated with Adambeauty.com in any way. I do not receive free products, any discounts or any payment from the company in any shape or form. Adambeauty.com is my favourite place on the whole interweb to buy make up. It is run by someone called Adam Chan, hence, ‘Adam Beauty’. I have been a loyal customer for years and years. I like the site because they offer Asian make up and skincare […]

5 Essential Photography Tips for Beauty Bloggers


I’ve been asked a few times about doing a Photography Guide for beauty bloggers, about using the camera and posing too, so I’ve rumbled something together for you. Hopefully you will find some tips to help you get better pictures for your blog or personal use! Ya ready? Then let’s learn the things Richard Avedon would never have taught you. 1. Do the dour duckface Every self respecting beauty blogger needs to perfect the dour […]

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