Guess What It Is: ANSWERS!


Reader Phoebe, quite rightly reminded me that I hadn’t posted the answers to the guessing game! So here they are… This mat… a massage mat for the feet! This tool.……is for cleaning mascara off the lashes! This hoop… a tool for drawing neat eyeliner and also doubles as a mascara guard This old one….if for crimping section of your hair This one…is for removing contact lenses! How did you do?

Guess What It Is: Blue Plastic Grills (Hard Quiz!)


Ok – so if you guessed in the last Guessing Game you will want to know the answer – quite easy really ladies! Its just a Home Face Mask Making Kit! Its good for powder masks that need to be mixed with liquids and anythign generally too messy. Can you just use a normal bowl? Erm, yes. Can you just use a normal spoon? No. Why not? Because I said so, that’s why. I have […]