Goody Ouchless Smooth Brush & Separate and Straighten Iron Brush Review


I was sent a number of hair brushes from Goody to try months ago and they were all good quality brushes but two deserve a special mention. One is now the only hairbrush that I use every day, and I nearly cried when I thought I left it on the tram. The brush of my affection is the Goody Ouchless Smooth Brush! This is the Handbag size (I don’t have the full size) and it […]

Monday Giveaway: Goody Hair Brushes For The Win!


Morning my lovelies – are you ready for an exciting week? I have no internet (don’t ask) because of male stupidity, so I am blogging across the road, drinking overpriced tea in order to use their rubbish wi-fi connection. Today’s prize is a selection of brushes and goodies from the aptly named, Goody Hair. I have been dying to try their things for a while but their stuff was based in the US. Well now […]

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