VDL Festival Shadow Colour, Style in Sparkle Chocolat 208 and Sparkle Bronze 903 Review and Swatches


I recently made a haul from VDL cosmetics, a Korean brand with quite a lot of interesting products and two of the eyeshadow products I got were VDL’s eyeshadows, specifically from the ‘Sparkle’ shades – the super glittery colours. I chose Sparkle Chocolat 208 and Sparkle Bronze 903; These eyeshadows come in boxes, and the actual cases are very similar if no identical to MAC solos. They are priced quite reasonably – I paid about […]

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT05 Nail Swatch (No. 5) Purple Glitter Nail Varnish


Finally the 5th and final shade in the Tony Moly Galaxy collection is GT05 a purple toned polish.  It has purple and blue glitters and is quite chunky. I know a lot of people who love purple polishes although it’s not really my thing – they seem to look better on other people!

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT04 Nail Swatch (No. 4) A Emerald Glitter Green Varnish


Another super chunky glitter nail polish from Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish! Like the copper one I swatched yesterday, GT04 is a very glittery thick green. I love green. There are some real strengths to the glitter polishes; they are so densely packed and not wishy washy at all.

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT03 Nail Swatch (No. 3) A Copper Bronze Varnish!


Today’s polish is Tony Moly Galaxy Polish in GT03, one of my favourites which is a rich copper and bronze.  The base is sort of a golden brown but you can’t see it for all the glitter! It looks a bit simple in there but on the nail there is more too it; copper, gold, red, even a hint of blue.

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT02 Nail Swatch (No. 2)


Today I have Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT02 which is a dark navy blue base (to me anyway) with tons of micro sparkles. It is similar to GT01 (reviewed yesterday) although the glitter is finer and there are fewer contrasts in the colour. I think it’s more elegant GT01. The glitters in this are red, blue, some gold. It feels finer on the nail than the other polishes which are like sandpaper!  

Lips of the Day: Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Captivating


I am slowly but surely getting to grips with the Accessorize make up range; the feedback from other bloggers and readers seem to be positive and so far it has exceeded my expectations. I have here a Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss – the shade is not one I would choose for myself but still, pink is pretty universal? This lip gloss is PURE. UTTER. GLITTER. This is not sort of shimmery or sort of glittery […]

Sparkly Nails! Canmake Nail Lame Powder Glitter Review


So I’m not great at nail art but nail glitter – I can do. It’s easy…sprinkle sprinkle. But my problem is not knowing when to stop. I was that kid who would start colouring in a picture within the lines, then suddenly would enthusiastically start adding glitter and stars and pipe cleaners until I couldn’t even pick the picture up. Anyway, so I don’t end up dunking my entire finger into glitter, I bought these […]

Body Stencils for Glitter Art at Armkandi.co.uk Review


I have messed about with body glitter before, with a cheap home kit and a Jinny Rainbow one. One problem I had was running out of stencils – sure, whenever you buy a kit you get a set amount but these are easy to get through when you are, erm, glitter happy. So I was sent these fun stencils to try from Arm Kandi – a site which specialises in stencils only. They have tons […]

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