Christmas Gift Idea: Name Necklace from Kendi Jewlz!


Remember when Carrie in SATC, and she made the name necklace popular? Yeah, well, I never got my mitts on one…but I have now! In Sterling Silver too: So not a make up item for once, but still something beautifying! They also make it in gold, in different fonts, with jewels. I opted for something quite simple, so I can wear it day to day: I am in love with the retro plastic style (may […]

Cute Stocking Filler Find: Vintage Embrodiery Mirror

One of the best things about buying Christmas presents is picking out the stocking fillers. I love little stocking fillers and treats. I spotted this super cute vintage mirror over at Not Massed Produced… Its hand handmade in the UK (Yorkshire to be exact) and is made of vintage material. It comes in a box like this: Inside that is another little pouch. Cute! This mirror is useful if you are the sort to quickly […]

Girly Geek Gift Review: Etre Touchy Gloves for iPhone, iPod types

I am a girly-geek. Not a ‘I work at IBM’ geek. (Read: Pure Bred Geek) Not a ‘I really need to get home to meet Thor outside the cave of deception on Warcraft so we can discuss out tactics for next week’ geek. (Read: MMORPG Geek) Not a ‘You know its Tiger Woods’s wife, not Tiger Woods’ wife” geek. (Read: Annoying Geek) I’m more of a chic-geek. Geeky-ness is a wonderful thing but you got […]

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