Geeky Haul of the Day: Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Moleskine Notebooks


Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog the last few days ladies, but I’ve been busy spring cleaning and sorting out some other projects! I thought Easter was supposed to be a break!? Anyway check out my latest notebook haul! Cleaning up I realised that I have a ridiculous amount of notebooks but…always room for one more. Moleskine brings out a limited edition design every year – last year it was Snoopy, the year before […]

Super Cute Notebooks the look like food! From Daycraft Hong Kong


I am a self confessed notebook geek and I have a serious problem – less than my make up problem, more than my bacon habit – when it comes to notebooks. I have tons of them. Most half written in, some are blank, some are collectables. Something about an empty notebook calls to me. I was extremely excited to be sent some notebooks to look at from a Hong Kong based company called Daycraft. Daycraft […]

Geeky Gloves: Etre Fivepoint Gloves, Stay Warm and Do Stuff!


In case you haven’t noticed, in the UK at the moment we have: 1. Snow 2. Lots of pointy nipples It’s so damn cold outside! Any Asian kid whose parents used to have a catering business will relate to me when I say, remember going to the Cash & Carry and going through the refrigerated section? It’s like like that when you’re outside, like being in a chiller. But the cold can’t stop me from […]

Geeky Bargain of the Day: Cat Purses & Wallets on eBay!


Let me have a geeky cat mom moment, as I’ve seen these Ciccia purses on eBay today and I thought I’d share! These are £12.99 each – it’s good value as the purses are real leather (similar feel to Radley but without the stupid dog, CAT POWER!!!). Love the paw detail on the zipper! I don’t really have any use for the coin purses unfortunately (so cute though!) but I’d like a new make up […]

Notebook Geekery: Leuchtturm 1917 Lined Notepad


UPDATE 06/03/2011: Commenter Suffchick below rightly points out that you can now buy Leuchtturm1917 notebook in the uk on: and – the prices are similar (the paperie offers free shipping but it it charges a bit more).  However, the Paperie has a much bigger range and more colours to choose from so I have been buying mine from there! There’s a few things I love to buy – make up, cat toys, books […]

Geek Alert: Martí Guixé Collection Moleskine Diaries

Time for a bit of my inner geek to come out! This is going to be my diary for 2010 (I have bought several diaries but all are too gorgeous to actually write in) – this Moleskine leather cover diary, a limited edition designed by Martí Guixé is my choice! Oooooohhhhh! I was considering a Smythson but its a. Too expensive and b. The paper DOES let ink run through to the next page! Admit […]

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