Nice pits! Gatsby Powder Deodorant Spray in Lime Green Review


You don’t want to stink, no one else want’s you to stink. I don’t know about you but since I have sensitive arm pits I am careful with what deodorant I use. 99% I won’t use a spray because I find it causes all kinds of problems such as itchy skin or even lumps under the skin which aren’t at all nice to find. I thought I’d try this powder deodorant from Gatsby, a popular […]

Man Beauty: Gatsby Oil Clear Wet Paper for Blotting the Oilies!


Gatsby is a Japanese brand that sells haircare and I believe some skincare products for the male of the species. I bought some of the Oil Clear Wet Paper just because I was totally intrigued – wet blotting paper?! Actually this chubby pack of wipes is rather effective. I could smell the alcohol in it, and it sort of neutralises any oiliness and cleanses the skin… So I can see why this is a mans […]

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