Sharing is Caring: FTC Guidelines Survey


When a reader needs help (not including money or kidneys – take note) I’m there! Regular reader Rachel is working on her dissertation and is looking into the trend of Online Beauty Gurus as well as the people who read/watch beauty blogs and videos. She has created a short survey (its very short, I just did it and its basically just 5 questions and all answers are anonymous (you don’t need to enter your email […]

Housekeeping: Explaining my what my new footers mean!

I had an email the other day asking why I was inserting these little logos at the end of my posts (where relevant – ie. reviews). I have been doing this for the sake of transparency and therefore, for my readers so they feel I have been honest with my posts. Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time will know that I genuinely say whats on my mind anyhow…quite frankly, an […]

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