Frugal Friday: What are your essential daily websites?


It’s another Friday, Friday – is it just me or does time pass quickly towards the end of the year?! Anyway I was thinking about what websites I visit on a daily basis – I am a internet addict, there is no doubt. I do a lot of my work online, I do everything online practically! Everyone has their must visit sites right? Well most of mine are shopping sites, which makes it very. hard. […]

Frugal Friday: Beauty Products from the Supermarket!


These days most of the big supermarkets will have their own beauty ranges – cosmetics, skincare and haircare! I know that Sainsbury’s ,Tesco, Aldi, Waitroise and even Asda have their own beauty ranges!  They’re very affordable, these days they look chic and not at all cheap, and are of course handy to pick up when you’re doing your weekly shop. Now…to be fair…in reference to this post, I didn’t go to any old supermarket, I […]

Frugal Friday: Making Kimchi and New Blog Announcement!


Time for another Frugal Friday, and today let’s talk about cooking!  It’s another past time which shouldn’t cost a fortune and is very rewarding. Of course everyone has their own ‘thing’ – some people love to bake and some cook dinnertime masterpieces.  At the moment, my obsession is pickling!  Right now I have been pickling Kimchi!  Kimchi is basically a fermented spicy cabbage.  It’s disgusting on one level – like the first time i ate […]

Frugal Friday: What are you reading?


It’s time for another Frugal Friday and this time…let’s talk about other things to do other than: A. Buy make up B. Think about buying make up, and C. Writing up lists of make up to buy. Reading! I love reading although I don’t have much time for it anymore. I have a massive book collection – gathered from my childhood, University days and current interests.  I don’t see books as a luxury purchase at […]

Frugal Friday: Do you ever try to get a beauty bargain?


Watching The Apprentice and Four Rooms (LOVE!) has made me question my own negotiating skills and ability to spot a bargain.  We all watch the contestants thinking they’re plebs, but when you’re actually put into a highly stressful situation, maybe it’s not always that easy… Having said that I’ve come to realise I love a bargain and/or special offer! There’s a part of me that is hugely British and hates trying to get ‘a deal’ […]

Frugal Friday: Confession Time – last five beauty purchases?


So I haven’t been a very good girl lately – call it life stress.  When life stress occurs I need a bit of escape and nothing is perkier than a sweet little package of beauty products…which stay in the envelope for a few weeks until I have time to open them, but still, that’s beside the point! Thought I’d attend confession today and share with you my last 5 beauty purchases.  I noticed that all […]

Frugal Friday: What make up is worth what to you?


What make up is worth what is a bit of a tongue twister – but what I mean is – do you feel that you will pay more for one kind of make up over another (regardless of brand). For example I have a big crush on Esprique make up at the moment and I knew for sure I wanted another eyeshadow palette at around £25. I wanted another item (I can’t buy things in […]

Frugal Friday: What’s your make up spending habits?


Every beauty babe loves to haul. We all have different budgets and we all have different spending styles – one natural colour or 10 crazy ones from the same range? I have been embarking on the process of being…yes, frugal. Me? Frugal? I know. I really do love make up very much and I love seeing new products appear online so I can buy them. My hauling style is one in every colour. I tend […]

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