The Body Shop Love Etc. Purfume or Eau De Parfum, if you are posh

The Body Shop kindly sent me a bottle of their new scent (more about this later) called Love Etc. but I keep calling it Love Actually… Advertising for Love Etc. or the new Bewitched video?* *Click here at your peril. I won’t pay medical bills for bleeding ears. I am no good at dissecting scents, but I can tell you if I like something or not. When I am on the perfume counter I spritz, […]

Review: Kate Logan Aroma Balm in Daring

I discovered a super pretty and organic range called Kate Logan a while ago and got a few things to try out. One of the items was the Aroma Balm… Aroma Balms incorporate the power of aromatherapy into a scented balm you can apply to the pulse point etc. I am all for natural scents and anything that is portable so I picked one – Daring – there are other scents including; Awaken, Blissful, Clarity, […]

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