Happy Haul: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Sunshine Cuties in G


I recently bought my first Harajuku Lover’s fragrance in the Sunshine Cuties form because it’s sooooooo cute and also because there was a free wash bag. Yeah. Easily manipulated. But it’s so lovely! I wasn’t sure which one to pick, so I used my nose instead of doing the thing that little girls do when they’re picking a doll, which is choosing the one that looks the most like them, unless you’re Asian or Ginger, […]

Gift Guide: Avon Absynthe Perfume is Green!

A perfume from Avon, I hear you sniff? I know, I know but I totally fell in love with the bottle and the green – I love love love this kind of snotty-bog green…that’s an awful description. But I just love this green. I always think of Kylie when I hear the word Absynthe. This scent is (they say): A mysterious oriental fragrance inspired by the magic of absynthe. Captivating green anise and saffron, enticed […]

Christmas Gift Idea: Ed Hardy Women’s perfume by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy?! Ed Hardy?! I know, I’m not the first person you think of when you hear the words Ed Hardy but I wanted to share with you this gift which is for my 15 year old cousin. Teens LOVE Ed Hardy, it seems. There are two variations to this scent, in the pink tube and the black tube. I do think the packaging is pretty funky. The scent, to my largely unrefined nose smells […]

Gift Idea: Hello Kitty Purfume and Purse Set

I love Hello Kitty, and I feel the need to enforce this love onto other people, especially small children so this was my gift choice for my cousin, aged 9: Do you know which perfume she really wanted? J’adore Dior! No chance, kiddo! This is far more suitable in terms of price (£12) and just general cuteness. You get a little bottle of scent and a cute purse to go with it. It smelt quite […]

Stupid Purfume Names


Now that Christmas is upon us, purfumes will be flying of the counters quicker than ever.  (tip: male readers. Your missus does not want Chanel No.5 so step away from the counter). I got an email from Strawberry Net, which has some great deals on scents (people have questioned the sell by date of Strawberry Net but for the good and bad experiences, I have to say Strawberry net are very good and they will […]

A scent to die for


I mentioned before that there’s a smell that is utterly divine, which floats from my local Nars counter. For years I’ve been smelling it, sniffing my clothes and cosmetic boxes to get a whiff and up untill recently I thought it was the Nars Monoi Oil. But it’s not. The Monoi is sure nice, but it smells like…well, monoi. Like Hawaii and Coconuts. Went to Nars today for a make over (Zereen you bad bad […]

Aveda Personal Blends

When you join the Aveda Loyalty Card Scheme, you get a voucher on you Birthday for a free Personal Blends product! I had no idea what this was but I went to Aveda anyway to pick it up. What you do is pick out of 12 blends – they varied from spicy to relaxing to energizing. Because there are so many, there are definately ones I hated and ones I liked (mainly relaxing, but not […]

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