Some Seriously Special Smoothies: Savse Smoothie Review


My oh my. I have had quite a busy year, I didn’t think I could top last year in terms of getting married, having a baby and moving house, but 2013 hasn’t exactly been peaceful.  With that in mind, I have been on the more unhealthy side of late – I swear I am not always stuffing my face with McDonalds, but when I’m tired and the stress is on…I guess it’s just one of […]

Philadelphia Chocolate: Yak or Yum?


Mr C has done a good job of keeping me fed lately since I’ve had weird food cravings, and last night he picked up some Philadelphia Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread for me. In my head this totally works. Philadelphia is a neutral enough cheese to have with savoury or sweet topping so why shouldn’t chocolate work with it too? I had this spread on plain white toast. Verdict? It has a nice soft spreadable texture,then bam!! […]

Frugal Friday: Beauty Products from the Supermarket!


These days most of the big supermarkets will have their own beauty ranges – cosmetics, skincare and haircare! I know that Sainsbury’s ,Tesco, Aldi, Waitroise and even Asda have their own beauty ranges!  They’re very affordable, these days they look chic and not at all cheap, and are of course handy to pick up when you’re doing your weekly shop. Now…to be fair…in reference to this post, I didn’t go to any old supermarket, I […]

Krispy Kreme makes Glamour doughnuts!


There’s always time for doughnut talk, and these two limited edition doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and Glamour, released in line with London Fashion Week are fruity and sparkly like lip gloss! One is Strawberry Glaze, one is Orange Glaze – these would make cute lip gloss, blush or nail polish colours, no!? One Glamour Glaze doughnut costs £1.35, and will form part of The Classic Assorted Dozen (£9.45 for 12) or Your Favourites Assorted Dozen […]

Snack Haul: Matcha Latte & Matcha Sweeties!


It’s another one of those random haul kinda days and at the moment I have an obsession with Matcha! Matcha is a fine grounded powdered high quality green tea and not the same as tea powder or green tea powder. If you’ve never tried Matcha before then it’s quite unusual because I think it has a creamy edge to it. I got these sachets of premade matcha lattes. It tastes like a creamy milky sweet […]

The Eat Yourself Beautiful Menu by Ian Pengelley at Gilgamesh – Nom Nom Review!


When invited to Gilgamesh, a trendy, rather elaborate restaurant in Camden to try out their ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ collagen menu one has to, of course, accept. Gilgamesh is smack bang in the middle of Camden…or at least that’s how it felt to me. It’s a huge building with a strange entrance, which involves a red carpet, velvet curtains and an escalator: Pesky pigeon. I took along my date, the beautiful hungry Charlotte from Lipglossiping whose […]

She ruined Bedazzled too: Elizabeth Hurley Organic Oat Bar


Not an Elizabeth Hurley fan – I don’t actually get what she does but hey, I guess she does look good in a Bikini?! I spotted these Elizabeth Hurley Oat Bats whilst in Holland & Barretts. I specifically bought them to moan about them. Why? Because sure they look chic but they are tiny! Just 26grams. Yes its under 100 calories, of course it is because it couldn’t feed a 2 year old. Don’t be […]

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