Benjamin Button is not a cheerful way to start 2009


Just watched it. You can read about the plot here, but basically – and I mean very basically – it’s about a man who is born old and gets younger. It reminded me Interview with a Vampire and Forrest Gump in terms of the way it dealt with age and the passing of time… Anyway […]

Oldboy with Will Smith?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!


As if Sarah Michelle Gellar in a remake of The Grudge and Jessica Alba in The Eye wasn’t bad enough, rumours have it that Will Smith and Steven Spielberg may remake the Korean masterpiece, Oldboy. *spoilers* *spoilers* *spoilers* Oldboy is a classic. It’s not your cup of tea if you dislike violent and dark films. […]

Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution featuring Tang Wei

Didn’t I say this blog is about Make Up and Stuff?! I am a fan of Ang Lee’s film and his versatility in terms of directing dramas (Brokeback Mountain), classics (Sense and Sensiblity) and action (Hulk). His new film post oscar sucess is called Lust, Caution and features veteran actors Tony Leung and Joan Chen. […]

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