Waterproof, High SPF30 Coverage: Fasio Zero Expert UV Concealer Review


Fasio is not a brand I buy very often; I dunno it has a slightly cheap feel to it, but their new Zero Expert (yes, Zero Expert…) range is a collection of high SPF base products. There’s a SPF50 Primer, a powder and this concealer, which is SPF35. Check out the guy with the 90s permed bob: Anyway I bought the concealer in the end, even though I have millions of concealers because there are […]

Help my lashes! Review: Fasio Hyper Stay Mascara and Perfect Lash Builder Base

One of the first lash primers I ever used was Fasio’s and although it is super lengthening, it made my lashes break off like anything. I decided to try their newer base and mascara to see if the formula had changed. I got the Perfect Lash Builder and Hyper Stay Mascara in Black. As always with Fasio mascaras they do a great job with holding curl. However – they are horrible to get off – […]

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