Truffle Shuffle


I’ve discovered a lil shop called Truffle Shuffle that sells retro (well not true retro) items, – t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, a few bags. The range isn’t massive but there’s some really cool things that caught my eye, being an 80s child. I bought a barbie t-shirt – Yuk, Paris Hilton wore it. Still I think it’s cute A hoodie!: I like the rainbow swirl detail Then I got a zip up hoodie. I love the […]

Discount Code for ASOS £10 Off

ASOS have a discount code ‘TREATME’ which gives you £10 off for every £100 spend. Guess who spend £99 on Friday and didn’t know about the code. D’uh! Still, at least you guys can get to enjoy the code. Spending £100 at ASOS is not hard!

Bad Customer Service at

So this is just a personal moan from me, totally objective of course, but there are certain companies that always seem to screw up my orders and things. Take Oli is a fairly new clothing company in the UK – the catalogues look fantastic, they are well designed and look much fresher than the likes of Littlewoods, Freemans, that type of home mail catalogue. However..they have some faults. I have found delivery from them […]

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