Lashaholic Addictive Glamour Fake Eyelashes LA01 Review


One beauty skill I wish I have is the ability to apply fake lashes well.  Some girls just seem to know where to ‘pop’ it on and it looks fantastic! I tend to stick it…then wiggle…then I look in a different mirror and it just looks odd or is totally a mile away from my lash line. Why won’t it just look straight!! I was sent a pack of Lashaholic Addictive Glamour lashes to try. […]

Lash Haul Prawn: Girls with attitude Lashes

Because we don’t want the wrong kind of crowd hanging out here, we have Lash Haul PRAWNS (not Porn….damn, I said it). I am getting better with my lash application (honest) so check out my new haul (I will use them in my next look) from Girls with Attitude (from Asos): I hope these don’t end up being a tear stained, glue smothered mess like my other lashes:

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