Elemis Skin Radiance Facial at the New Skin Lounge in Debenhams, London – Review


When someone said ‘Spa Pod’ to me, I had an image of a space age treatment cocoon, where all you have to get a massage standing up and there are little tubes attached to the outside that blow things at you.  I have a vivid imagination.  The new Elemis (check out the new logo below!) ‘Skin Lounge’ is a first for Debenhams, Oxford Street, London.  The new skin lounge area has been completely redesigned with […]

The Peach Baby: Juju Shiromomohada Peach Whitening Mist Review


Juju (ahem) a Japanese brand, produces affordable skincare – one of their most famous ranges is the Aquamoist range which is based around Hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. One of their newest releases is the Shiromomohada range which has 2 products – a peach whitening mist and lotion. I purchased the fine mist: I don’t know why I find the picture of a baby’s head in a peach a little bit cute-scary!  I also don’t […]

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