Montagne Jeunesse Tottle Face Masks; Damask Rose, Dark Chocolate, Tropical Peel Off and Sensuous Spice Review


Montagne Jeunesse, you know, those folks who make the masks in the sachets that are sold everywhere, have a new range of face masks in a tottle. What is a tottle? A tube and a bottle. Now you know. Montagne Jeunesse masks I admit I haven’t touched in years, I guess because I’m more of a sheet mask gal these days and because the woman on the front of the packaging with leaves and fruit […]

Swiss Skincare: De Clars Instant Lifting Mask Review


With my skin basically doing a Screw You! on me, I have been dealing with it very gently and leaving it along to repair itself. Face masks is one way I have been helping it along (although I have to be careful because it’s so sensitive at the moment). De Clars is a Swiss skincare brand and their Instant Lifting Face Mask has that soft of gentle look I like in a face mask. I […]

DHC Tourmaline Pack Review – A Deep Cleansing Face Mask!


I am a fan of DHC skincare and cosmetic products, although the brand is better known in Asia than in the UK. I was surprised to find the DHC UK site (ok, I just didn’t look very hard) which sells some of their bestsellers like the Cleansing Oil and Lash Tonic at good prices too! Basically it saves me having to wait 2 weeks and pay for international shipping. Another one of their popular products […]

Give Your Eyes A Pamper! Elemis Absolute Eye Mask Review


There’s nothing better than a nice pamper at the end of a long day and I am growing ever partial to a nice sheet mask (warmed up! Always warm, I don’t like cold things being plopped on my face unless it’s some kind of dessert…) I’ve been looking around for a while for a mask which is safe to use around the eyes – fact is you need to keep a lot of masks away […]

American’s No. 1 Face Mask: Queen Helene Mint Julep Review


I have heard so much about Queen Helen’s Mint Julep face mask – good things – that I was happy to finally purchase this to try. (I bought it as part of this order from Pak Cosmetics!). Queen Helene is like a giant donner kebab – always looks so good and seems like a good idea until you see the ingredients. (Don’t know why that kebab has to be giant – but let’s just say […]

My Beauty Diary has a baby! FaceQ Luffa & Adlay Sheet Mask Review


From the very popular Taiwanese sheet mask company, My Beauty Diary comes a range called FaceQ…it’s really, really, really, really cute: There were four to choose from, Pomegranate + Co Q10 Mask (for whitening, oil control, and lightening pigmentation and the appearance of fine lines), Ocean + Aloe Mask marine collagen mask (for deep hydration), Luffa +Adlay Mask (for soothing sensitive skin, tightening pores and hydration) and finally, Grape Seed + Green Tea Mask (for […]

Another Oxygen Mask! Missha Super Aqua Detox Enzyme Mask Review


The most famous Oxygen Mask I own is the Bliss triple oxygen facial mask which is lovely. I had to buy this Missha (Korean brand!) Super Aqua Detox Enzyme mask because it also works on the technology of ‘oxygen’ to cleanse the skin. This mask, like the Bliss Triple Oxygen, also bubbles up slightly on the skin and leaves the complexion brighter and detoxed. At around £10 on eBay including shipping, it’s more affordable that […]

Kanebo Purenavi Face Masks for the U Zone and T Zone!


Kanebo Purenavi has two “zone” masks which I purchased from Adambeauty a while ago. I was attracted by the fact that the masks are tailored for different needs – the T-Zone mask is for the oilies and the U-Zone mask is for lifting. The U-Zone is a clear gel and the T-zone mask is more of a creamy clay. The other thing i like about these masks is that they are made for massage – […]

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