My favourite eye care products!


Ever since I was told by my optician that I seem to have very sensitive, easily irritated eyes that were ‘full of glitter’ I have tried to take care of them.  Vision is such an amazing gift, no? I think it’s the last sense that I would give up. I still spend far to long in front of the PC, I still strain my eyes when I shouldn’t but I am doing better at taking […]

Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lift Strips = Asian Eyelid Tape, kinda


I saw an article a few days ago on The Daily Fail about a product by Eye Secrets, called the Instant Eye Lift Strips. These sticky strips fit into the eyelid to pull up the skin and create a more ‘open’ eye look. See here: A good result. And this is what it looks like: So I kept reading…then I say that these cost £29.99 for a months supply… Wait a minute! It looks just […]

Review: Cosmetics a la Carte Secret Light Eye Base and Concealer


I am a fan of Cosmetics a la Carte make up, even though when you see the products they are pretty laid back and unassuming. I picked up this Secret Light product because its a sort of 2 in one – an eye primer/base but also a concealer that can be used all around the eye area. I picked it up in Ivory, which is the lightest shade since I always end up with concealers […]

Review: Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift

Skin Doctors is a range founded in Oz, selling Cosmeceuticals (products that are somewhere between cosmetics and pharmaceutials). I tried out the Instant Eye Lift on my tired, tired eyes – a clear, very fluid solution that tightens up the area around the eyes. They say: Instant eye lift is a temporary eye lifting serum that painlessly smoothes away the signs of ageing in just a couple of minutes. Under-eye wrinkles, bags, line and puffiness […]

Hayfever Woes: Vital Eyes & Murine Eye Drops


As if its not bad enough looking haggard and tired from the lack of zzz’s, hayfever is making me look like one of those girls that constantly look like they are on the brink of tears, the ones that cry over everything; from looking 2lbs heavier to headlines like ROBERT PATTISON – GAY? I blogged about Visine which is gorgeous stuff but only on sale in the US – so I went on a hunt […]

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