Eyeko Long & Luscious Lashes VS Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara Review


I am a bit of mascara whore at the moment, using one for a week, getting bored the discarding it for something else. My newest mascara lust is Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara (which I will do a full review for later). I saw this on a You Tube video and ended up slapping down £17.50 for a tube of this at my local BB counter. Obviously, my first thought was how similar it […]

Swatch of the Day: Eyeko Fat Balm in Cherry Review


Eyeko Fat Balms have been around for so long – or at least it feels that way – that they haven’t really entered my consciousness for a while. Lo and behold, Eyeko released three new shades; Cherry, Frosting and Toffee to add to the family of Strawberry, Raspberry and Minty. I have Cherry here, a warm sheer red. Eyeko Fat Balms can be used on the cheeks and lips and unlike a lot of multi […]

Mascara Week No. 5: Eyeko Long & Luscious Lashes Mascara Review


Eyeko Long & Luscious Mascara is, I think one of their iconic products – the squeezy tube was made for mascara I think! It makes it easy to control the amount of mascara on your brush. They say: Lash friendly formual combining natural oils and silicones with added Panthenol (Vitamin B). Designed to prevent dryness, premature breakage and to promote lash growth. The brush has widely dispersed bristles for evenly coated perfectly separated long lashes. […]

Eyeko Vintage Nail Polish Swatches; Saucy, Rain, Posh, Chichi, Vintage & Punk!


So there are a ton of Eyeko nail swatches about but hey, they are so cute that I thought I’d add mine too. Eyeko from what I remember was quite expensive when it first came out and I had the funky tube mascara which I had begged my mum to buy for me. These days the products are super cute and retro and the more things I use from them the more I likey! I […]

Eyeko Line & Shine Duo Colour Pencils & Graffiti Eyeliner Pen Review


Love eye pencils and love liquid eyeliners. So I was pleased to test out these Eyeko Line & Shine pencils and the Graffiti Eyeliner pen. The Eyeko Line & Shine Duo Colour Pencils are chunky style, with a matte pencil on one side and a shiny glitter pencil on the other side. There’s three variations and I got two – the blue and the purple. Needless to say I fell madly in love with the […]

Eyeko Fat Balm in Strawberry and Raspberry Review


I remember Eyeko from the olden days, when all they had was the mascara and it was a pretty expensive purchase. I remember wanting the mascara but unable to spend £11, or whatever it was on it. Anyway, fast forward and Eyeko is now found in Superdrug at far better prices and aimed towards, arguably, a teeny bopper audience. I may not be a teeny bopper any more but in my heart…she’s there…lurking. That is […]

Review: Eyeko 3 in 1 cream, Big Eyes Tube Mascara, Strawberry Fat Balm and Polish


Eyeko means Love. Now go and tell your boyfriend that you “Eyeko” him. I remember noticing Eyeko for the first time back when it first launched in 2000. I was a kid who loved cute looking make up and I remember checking out the fat balms and mascara and thinking it cost way too much – it was sold in high end department stores back then and for a higher cost (from what I remember […]

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