New Born Brow Pencil Tool


I’ve got into brows lately even though mine are quite dark and don’t need too much filling. I purchased this dual function brow pencil and mascara from Ichibankao, by a brand NEW BORN which is from SANA. I choose this one as I prefer a hard pencil and mascara to comb brows into shape. New born has a few other types aside from this: Pencil and Felt Tip (for precision) Brow Pencil, Powder and brush. […]

Benefit Instant Brow


I am mad for brows at the moment, ever since I realised my brows are a little short at the ends and need some extended for some va-va-voom. So I got this Benefit Instant Brow for half price from eBay. This comes in two shades. Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I bought the Medium/Dark. The pencil is a creamy/waxy texture. I am more of a hard brow pencil kind of girl, as I find the result more […]

24 Brow Tattoo


I have naturally dark fairly full brows that don’t need penciling in. Feeling left out and wanting some free scissors I purchased K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24h Limited Set from Ichibankao: 24 Hours! Free scissors! Cool! The pen is not refillable or clickable – it looks just like a felt tip and it is very very light: Subtle right? It comes in 2 shades, 01 Natural Brown (light brown) and 02 Crash Brown (darker). At […]

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