A Complete Brow Kit for £10? Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Self Grooming Eyebrow Kit Review!


I have really got into brows since my experience at the Shu Uemura Tokyo Brow Station, so much so that I started looking around for a good kit. The Shu Uemura brow tools are divine but also quite pricey – so when I saw this Innisfree Eco Beauty Eyebrow kit, I couldn’t resist buying it.  It cost me around £10 with shipping, the retail price is actually less if you can get to this brand […]

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting EyeBrow Mascara in Natural Brown Review


K-Palette are a range that make a lot of ’24 hour’ long lasting eyeliners (pencil, liquid) and they’ve expanded into brow products too.  I like brow mascaras as they are effortless to use – my brows are quite full and have enough density to not require colouring in with a pencil or powder, unless I feel like a different look.  I liked the look of this K-Palette Tattoo Lasting Eyebrow Mascara: I chose Natural Brown […]

Lighten your eyebrows easily! Palty Eyebrow Mascara Milk Tea Brown Review


Palty as you ladies may know make hair dye primarily, but also some other products like fragrances and cosmetics too. I generally dye my hair lighter because I think it gives me a bit of a lift and makes me look brighter.  Here is a eyebrow mascara I bought from eBay. Eyebrow Mascara Milk Tea Brown. This product is Waterproof, quick drying, long lasting and should eliminate the need to lighten the brow using dye. […]

Kate Brown Collection Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Set Review & Swatches


Recently I’ve been in ‘boring eyeshadow mode’. What do I mean by boring eyeshadow mode? Well, for me, it’s browns, mattes, nudes. As much as I love me peacock type colours there’s a time and a place or everything and I’ve grown to appreciate the natural glowy look. I purchased two eyeshadow palettes from Kanebo’s Kate range a few months ago: These are what I’d call, ideal work place eyeshadow palettes.

Best Brow Product, Ever! Skinfood Eggplant (Aubergine!) Eyebrow Gel Mascara & Fixer Review


If you ask me, the name Aubergine is far more apt for the purple vegetable than Eggplant. After all, it’s got nothing to do with eggs. Nevertheless, Skinfood’s product names tend to err more on the side of the transatlantic so for the purposes of this review, this is Skinfood’s Eggplant Eyebrow Gel Mascara & Fixer. See how the ends look like breasts eggplants? This 2 step eyebrow product is supposed to last for 24 […]

Everything you need for Brows! Clarins Kit Sourcils Eyebrow Kit Pro Palette Review


This is the conversation that occured a few weeks ago when I bought the Clarins Eyebrow Kit at Boots. “Hi I’d like buy your Eyebrow Kit.” “The what?” “The Eyebrow Kit” “Oh. That’s what I thought you said.” “Really?” “Yeah but no one every asks for it so I was surprised. No one. Ever. Asks for it. Ever. Haven’t sold one for years.” “I see.” “I’ll have to search for it” “Right” Yes, I was […]

Review: Anastasia Brow Scissors


Do you trim your brows? A lady on Shu Uemura showed me a few years ago, now I always do a little trim to keep them need. Most of the time, all you need is a trim, not a tweeze. Sometimes when you tweeze, they don’t come back Anastasia Brow make some of the nicest brow products out there. The only other two brow products I adore are (is?) Shu Uemura’s Hard Pencil (with Japanese […]

Super Haulage Alert!: New ID Cosmetics


It’s good to try something New, something different. I am a Japanese beauty addict, of course, I love my Nars and Chanel, but ain’t it fun finding something new and different to try? Enter New ID cosmetics – it comes in simple white, unassuming packaging but is really quite nice! 1. Eyeshadow Quad in Blackberry Berry, a mixture of purple, pinks and mulberry: It’s a really nice quad, and not my usual cool toned palette […]

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