Review: Paula’s Choice Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara & Gentle Touch Eye Make Up Remover


Another day, another mascara! This time the mascara I am testing is from Paula’s Choice; Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara is supposed to create long, soft, dramatic lashes that will not smudge, flake or clump. It comes with a long rubbery spiky brush. The mascara: As you know by now, I have very mixed results with mascara, but I can usually pull a few positive points from most of the ones I try.

Review: Lulu Timebomb Eye R & R Make Up remover

I wear some pretty long lasting, tough to boot mascara which can be an utter nightmare to get off. I have a few eye make up remover loves, like Kose Softymo and Boots Botanics but I got another to try – Lulu’s Time Bomb Eye Make Up Remover. This is a Duo Phase eye make up remover, which requires shaking before use. Click to see the gunk!

My new eye make up remover crush by Boots Botanics

I am super fussy about my eye make up removers, and not by choice. I wear super long wearing eyeliner and mascara which is difficult to get off. What can I say? I have watery eyes. There are 2 eye make up removers I like (and I really have tried them all, high end and low end) – Kose Softymo (which is my HG) and Lancome Bi-Facial (but its too expensive). So I was excited […]

Simple Eye Make Up Remover Pads

One thing I hate with a passion – carrying too much stuff with me when I go away. I mean passionately. Ironically, my handbag is the size of a post sack, and has nearly everything a girl could need in an emergency – still, that is my day bag. Girls who take 20 pairs of shoes away? Take hair dryers and GHDs? Ain’t me. As long as people aren’t vomiting as I walk by, it […]

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