Embryolisse Secret De Maquilleurs Radiant Eye Stick Review


Embryolisse is one of those French Skincare brands – if you’ve heard of it, then you’ll know they have a cult moisturiser everyone seems to love.  The Embryolisse skincare range is actually quite big aside from “that” moisturiser and includes other creams, cleansers, BB creams and so on.   Today I have this rather clever invention; the Radiant Eye Stick which is a brightening and refreshing eye stick – truth be told, I have seen […]

Help for tired eyes! Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Eye Spray Review!


I am a bit of an eye drop addict!  As crazy as that sounds, there are some interesting eye drops out there mainly from Asia which are supposed to refresh and moisturise the eyes.  Japanese eyes drops tend to err of the minty refreshing side - this is a real shock to the system if you’ve never used it before!  It’s ok for some days but it’s not so great if you just want some eye […]

My favourite eye care products!


Ever since I was told by my optician that I seem to have very sensitive, easily irritated eyes that were ‘full of glitter’ I have tried to take care of them.  Vision is such an amazing gift, no? I think it’s the last sense that I would give up. I still spend far to long in front of the PC, I still strain my eyes when I shouldn’t but I am doing better at taking […]

Rohto Japan Night Time Repair Eye Moisturising Drops Review


Because my eyes are so often tired and sore I treat them to new eye drops every now and then. My most recent purchase is this Rohto Japan eye drop which is supposed to be moisturising, cleansing, relieving etc. A bit of everything really! The thing about Japanese eye drops, you must know, is that they tend to contain some kind of menthol which means it makes your eyes go ZING! By ZING I mean […]

Rodial Glamtox Eye Light SPF 15 Eye Cream Review


I’ve noticed these last few months a huge difference in my eyes in terms of ageing – wrinkles, dark circles, redness. URGH. Lack of sleep is catching up with me. So I have been sticking to using an eye care product and the one I am testing at the moment is the very posh Rodial Glamtox Eye Light with a SPF 15. This product illuminates the eye area and reduces puffiness. Rodial is like the […]

Midweek Giveaway: 5 x First Aid Beauty (FAB) Detox Eye Rollers to Win!


Feeling the mid week slump, are you? So to perk you up a bit, I’ve got five sets of First Aid Beauty (FAB) Detox Eye Rollers for, well, 5 of you to win! With a unique roller ball delivery system it gently distributes lymphatic build-up from underneath the eyes, reducing the appearance of eye bags and puffiness. Within minutes of application, the under eye area looks and feel revitalized, smoother and brighter. I’m excited to […]

For clean, sparkly eyes: Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash Review


Regular candy readers will know I have a thing for eye drops and general eye care products due to having sensitive peepers. Eye baths are a must for me, especially because I love my sparkly eye make up and youd be surprised after your first eye bath how much gunk comes out of there! Now, I like Rohto Lycee Eye Wash a lot (it lasts FOREVER) but it’s hard to get hold of and whilst […]

Soap & Glory You Won’t Believe Your Eyes™ Illuminating Under-Eye Serum Review


I am quite accustomed to the panda eye these days…lack of sleep and too much coffee = dark circles, red eyes, zzzzzzz…… Soap & Glory’s You Won’t Believe Your Eyes is right up my street – this handy tube contains an illuminating serum for the under eye area. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and contains cucumber juice for cooling and skin tightening agents for deal with wrinkles. So it’s kinda skincare, it’s kinda […]

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