Etude House Mag Play Nails – Magnetic Nail Polish Review and Swatches!


Remember when Barry M brought out the crackle nail polish and everyone went nuts? Geez, even Mr C amazed! I got bored of crackles pretty quickly then there was magnetic polish – once again a really really clever concept but one I have yet to master!  Korean brands have been making crackle and magnetic polishes for a while now with lots of shades to choose from.  I picked 3 shades from the range and the […]

Totally Multi Use Balm and Oil? Etude House Any Oil Mist 21 and Any Balm 21 Review


I’ve never really been too interested in body wash or body moisturisers until recently; now I appreciate a really nice smelling, hydrating wash and some lovely body moisturiser too.  I like body oils because they appeal to how lazy I am – anything that takes ages to rub and sink in annoys me! Etude House Any Oil 21is called this because has ’21 recommended uses’.  I am sure at a stretch you can think of […]

Etude House Party Queen Graduation Nails Review and Swatches


I don’t know what it is about doing my nails that I find so boring; I think it’s the issue of drying time and how it always, one way or another ends up slightly smudged, or with some cat hair on it, or with duvet marks embedded on the surface.  Doing your nails properly takes time; not tons of time but time nonetheless, so I am all for quick, easy to use polish. On the […]

My favourite lipliner! Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner: Review and Swatches


When it comes to my day to day make up, lip liner isn’t something that I apply.  Having said that, I do think lip liner is necessary if you want that really groomed look or if you’re wearing a bold colour! I purchased two lip liners because I saw a really nice nude lip done with a deep brown liner then some nude gloss (BLENDED IN TOGETHER – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO BROWN […]

Etude House Nymph Aura Collection; Nymph Aura Volumer, Aura Shine Lips and Jelly Tint Blusher


One of Etude House’s newest releases is Nymph Aura.  This was released early Autumn but I’ve only had a chance to review it now! The Nymph Aura collection is quite small and consists of 2 primers, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses, 2 tint blush gels and some other random pieces (like a loose powder and a 3pc nail polish set).  It’s a very pretty, delicate feel range although and the name, Nymph Aura has that […]

Cold Weather, Chapped Skin! Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel Review


One of Etude House’s most popular range is the Moistfull (two L’s) range, which is supposed to be super hydrating for dry skins. The Moistfull range encompasses skincare and cosmetics.  I recently spotted this Aloe Soothing Gel, part of the Aloe Moistfull range which is packaged in green (the rest of the regular range is in peach coloured packaging).  I am all for hydrating gels because I just cannot bear to have cream on the […]

Etude House Pink Sweet Candy Solid Perfume Compact Review


Purely because it was very cute, I had to purchase this Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Candy Solid Perfume! What is your opinion on solid perfumes? They remind me of being a kid, to be honest, but I find them quite handy and easy to top up.  I like Pacifica ones especially! Anyway this Etude House solid perfume is called Pink Candy so you can guess what it’s like! It is presented like a lolly; […]

How To Hide Pores! Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence and Pore Primer Stick Review!


I’ve gone of many pore covering products over the years because I find most of them quite heavy and can cause spots!! I’d rather have a few visible pores then get a load of blackhead, you know? Nevertheless I thought Etude House’s Goodbye Pore Ever range extremely cute in a Benefit kinda way.  There are 2 products in the range, the Primer Essence in a tube and a Pore Primer Stick. I bought both: The […]

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