Chunky Glitter Alert! Etude House Pink Prism Nail Polish – Swatches and Review


Etude House have been going crazy for glittery nail polishes recently, especially the chunky top coat type! I can’t help but being drawn to them even though I am usually too lazy to even use varnish most of the time!  The Pink Prism range is a collection of affordable pink colours and 3 top coats which I purchased.  These varnishes are quite dinky sized: Here is the full range of 6 colours;

Etude House Look At My Eyes Duet in Orange OR201 – Review


Etude House is a Korean brand who are certainly very prolific – they are always releasing new products and colours to existing ranges! This fairly new eyeshadow duo caught my eye – it comes in 4 colour choices and the orange duet really called me… The shade is OR201 – there is also a pink, brown and purple choice.  The idea of these duos is to create a fuss free soft and natural looking eye […]

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 is so tasty! And huge!


Etude House have really hit the mark recently with super cute collections (check out Etoinette here if you love princessy make up). Their newest collection is way too cute not to share with you. I have my eye on a few items. 1) Dear My (Etude House’s lipstick range is just called Dear My, don’t ask why) Jelly Lips Talk Lipstick – a ‘jelly finish’ shiny lipstick in 8 colours: When Etude House say a […]

Etude House If Story Nail Kit Christmas Collections Swatches in Christmas Tree


The final Etude House If Story Nail Kit (don’t ask my why it’s called that!) is called Christmas Tree. I am wondering if Etude will release new LE sets for Valentine’s Day, Easter….it would be nice if they did!  Here are the two shades. I like these one, they’re quite funky.  The price of these shipped is around £6 for both – I imagine it’s even cheaper to buy in Korea!

Etude House If Story Nail Kit Christmas Collections Swatches in Ice Witch


Yesterday I swatched the Etude House If Story Nail Kit no 1 and 2, released for Halloween.  Today I have the two Christmas sets! Ice Witch has two whitish glittery polishes.  All of these polishes have been really glittery so far – I guess that might be a theme with these sets.  I do find the glitter in these polishes easy to remove as they’re chunky. 

Etude House If Story Nail Kit No.2 Halloween Swatches! Pumpkin Collection


The second limited edition Etude House halloween nail polishes is the Pumpkin set consisting of one golden orangey shade and a brown-black based one with orange glittery particles. I like this set – it’s quite interesting and a lot of fun! Plus I just like gold polish in general

Etude House If Story Nail Kit No.1 Halloween Swatches! Witch Collection


This is slightly late, but Etude House released a number of limited edition nail polishes to celebrate Halloween and Christmas!   You can still purchase these on eBay so I decided to post about them. There are 2 sets of 2 nail polishes to choose from.  Here I have the first Halloween set which is witch inspired, with some glitter infused deep purples! Both of these can look a little sheer if you don’t do […]

Etude House Help my Finger Nail Care Range; Essence Spa, Sunshine Whitener, Quick Dry Drop & Overnight Hardener Review!


Etude House are forever coming out with new sub-ranges. One of their newer collections is the Help My Finger (ahem) range, which is a collection of nail care products.  I got a selection of items to try; Sunshine Whitener, Overnight Nail Hardener, Quick Dry Drops and Essence Spa (a cuticle moisturiser).  Help My Finger…is an unusual name for a range of nail products…I know this. For some reason, Korean and Japanese brands do come up […]

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