Fruity, Lovely Polish: Ettusais Vacance Nail Colours, Jelly Beans Party Set!


Don’t know why I’ve suddenly got into nail polish lately – maybe because I have more patience to apply it?! Anyway one of my recent hauls is this extremely, extremely cute nail polish set from Ettusais! The Vacance Nail are a set of sheer, scented mini polishes retailing for $4 each. I bought a set for about £30 – I know, marked up but it’s cute! They Say: In the perfect size for summer, these […]

The Dripping Lipstick: Ettusais Melty Touch Lipstick Review


As soon as I saw the advert for the Ettusais Melty Touch Lipsticks at the beginning of the year, I wanted them. But they were far too expensive on eBay and on online retailers so I skipped until they turned up for $17.99 each on Facial Shop. Cor! Who doesn’t want a lipstick with gunge dripping out of it! This limited edition lipstick comes in a few colour variations, Rose, Pink, Beige, Red, Orange. Here […]

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