Highlight / Contour! Esprique Light Control Stick 01 and Shade Control Stick 02 Review!


When it comes to contouring, I am pretty lazy (and incapable) of doing any chiselled looks – but I still like a bit of bronzing and highlighting to add some shape to the face.  Obviously it’s not something I do every day but every now and then it’s nice to do a proper full face of make up! Whilst I have lots of powder contours, I do prefer cream textures. I have a Tom Ford […]

Mini Haul: Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B-3 and Mellow Forming Rouge PK 811 Review


A little while ago I did a haul on Adambeauty.com for some Esprique make up! Esprique is a Japanese brand, and used to be Esprique Precious before it was upgraded to a sleeker, black look. The range is in the mid-high price range and is aimed at older women (as in not teenagers) but they’re not boring either! I bought an eyeshadow palette (Blend Dimensional Eyes Deep) in B-3 which is an unusual pink brown […]

Gorgeous Lipgloss! Esprique Aqua Drape Rouge Lipglosses in RD471 and PK972


I have a sickness – and it’s a lipgloss sickness and I can’t stop buying pretty ones!  Having said that…a lot of the ones I buy are just meh.  So it’s really nice to find something a bit special, that really looks pretty on… Esprique Aqua Drape Rouge lipglosses were released a few months back. I purchased two colours, RD471 a sheer brown red and PK972, a light pink: In my experience Japanese lip glosses […]

Love it! Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes and Melty Fix Cheek Haul


Esprique Precious, a fabulous Japanese make up brand was renamed Esprique a while back and I didn’t really buy anything from the range until now. I was suckered in by the elegant look of this collection and purchased one eyeshadow palette, in A4 and two of the melty cheek blush sticks – these are uncommon in Japanese make up ranges. I got two melty fix cheek blushers in BE300 which is a beige I thought […]

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