Ellis Faas Milky Lips in Ellis Red Lip Colour Review & Swatch!


I reviewed an Ellis Faas Cream eyeshadow earlier this week – and it was quite nice although I wasn’t convinced by the colour. Here is a Milky Lips lip colour (not a lipstick, not quite a lip gloss) in Ellis Red, a classic blood red shade. There are 2 other textures – Glazed Lips (glossy) and Creamy Lips (rich and creamy…sounds like my kind of lip!). Once again, its that phallic…slightly skinny phallic bullet lip […]

Ellis Faas Make Up Brand and Creamy Eyes Eyeshadow Review


Are you having a good week? I do hope so. Have another product review for you today which has taken me far too long to get round to doing… I first heard of Ellis Faas from Grace (London Make Up Girl), who is rather good at finding unusual make up brands long before anyone else jumps on the bandwagon. Immediately I thought the website looked amazing, love love love the way they present swatches and […]

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