Beauty Classic: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Yay or Nay?


Back in the day, when I was a university student, I had a tiny budget and just a small, squidgy make up and skincare bag which would house a few cheap essentials and some rather more expensive goodies, that I guarded with my life. I actually remember to this day having a conversation with a flatmate about Stila Lip Glaze, which used to be about £20 and we were saying how one click was a […]

Lips of the Day: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Rouge


It’s Monday, Monday, so let’s start the week with a BANG! And that bang is a hot red lipstick from Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Ultra Range. This lipstick provides a pigmented finish with moisturising colour. It also plumps the lips and leaves a shiny finish. It also contains Tahtian Gardenia, Shea Butter and vitamins A, C and E. The truth is I haven’t used Elizabeth Arden products for a while (apart from 8 Hour cream) so […]

Guest Review: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum Review


Today’s Skincare Review is by Amy, 39. As someone who is turning 40 this year, I have been looking around for effective anti ageing products for a while. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum is one of the more renowned treatments on the market so I trialled this product for a few weeks to see what, if any, results I would benefit from. The serum comes in a sleek silver bottle so it certainly […]

Boyfriend Recommends: 5 hand creams that are….great

The other half has super dry, psoriasis ridden hands that have plagued him for quite a while. At its worse, he can’t physically move his hands because his skin is so dry and cracked. So I thought I would force him to tell me his 5 favourite creams for his hands – all these creams belonged to me before he savagely slopped them all over his mitts. Moisturizer goes missing a lot round these parts. […]

Elizabeth Arden Summer Sunlit Bronze Collection 2009

A bit like granny pants and tea cosies, Elizabeth Arden is not one of the counters I ever stop at. I used to like 8 hour cream but with so many other fancy goodies around its not something I’ve touched for a while. I was having one of those Friday afternoon strolls after work and what happened…the sparkliest peach-coral-orange lipgloss caught my eye. Horror of horrors – it was on the Elizabeth Arden counter. And […]

The day I bought stuff from brands I don’t normally buy stuff from and spent too much

Now if that ain’t a title, I dunno what is. I had a whip around after work (actually about an hour ago) to look at what was new and hot on the make up counters (not much) – big mistake. Ended up with bits of make up goodies galore – funny how you can end up with make up when you are sure you don’t want/need anything else. The sign of a true make up […]

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