Ne Nor Ne Nor: Fake Benefit Make Up on eBay


Dear Readers, It has come to my attention recently, whilst browsing eBay that there appears to be an influx of Benefit Cosmetics – fakes to be exact, cluttering up my screen. eBay has cleaned up a lot, in regards to fakes over the years. When I first joined, it was easy peasy to buy a Bucci Handbag or Abbibas trainers. These days, due to eBay’s strict Vero policies, obvious fakes do not last too long. […]

eBay bargain find of the week: 6 Stila Lip Glaze Pencils for £14.50

I got told off a bit by some readers last week for posting a rather excellent eBay bargains because it encourages the spending and all that – but I don’t care! I am that the Krispy Kreme Dreamcake doughnut, all warm and sticky – I am that giant gammon steak with deep fried chips on the side. Yum. I am here to entice. Here is my find of the week – 6 brand new and […]

Quick Beauty Tip: Where to get storage pots for pigment

I hate dealing with pigments on a day to day basis – they get everywhere but the best way to carry or use my many many loose powder shadows is to put them into those stackable pots. However – I was shocked when they charged me a whopping £4.60 for a 6 tier stackable – its EMPTY for christssake! Talk about taking advantage. Muji and Chemists also sell the empty stackable but I find them […]

Naughty Naughty Ebayer


I was just browsing eBay for random bits and bobs when what do I see? An image taken from the blog to sell an Illamasqua lipstick! For one thing, the shade is Scandal, not Salacious. I’m not sure how I should feel about this. Good publicity? Or just annoying?

Mission Fish – raising money on eBay


I was buying some random bits from eBay today when I noticed at the point of paying that there was an option for me to donate some money to a charity – added at the cart stage.  It was only $1 so I thought why not? Investigating further, I found that there’s a website called Mission Fish (in the US and UK) that is a non profit making organisation using eBay to raise money. What […]

Buying from Ebay – when is NEW, new?


I gave up selling on Ebay the day that I got a £180 fee for selling relatively few items, and then I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers.  Sure, some buyers are great.  But some are vindictive too.  Instead I use it for buying and rarely selling and let me tell you, its much easier on the buying end (except you have to pay, of course!). Now, with […]

Nars? I’m sure its Givenchy!


What an interesting fake! Its a Givenchy-esqye palette disguised as a Nars: Item number: 160272893119. At first I thought the seller might now know its a fake but he says he can “source other colours”. Aye aye aye. Compare and contrast:

Ebay is going to hell in a handcart

Ebay is a staple in many ways; when you want that hard-to-find item, when you need it cheaper than the high street, when you need to get rid of some lovely jumper your nana gave you. But of course it is not without problems. I don’t know about you ladies, but the main problems I have had have been as a seller. I am not a powerseller of any kind, but I do occasionally sell […]

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