Introducing eBay Collections #ebaycollections


Over the last few weeks, I have been working with eBay on a new feature to the UK site, called Collections. eBay’s new collection feature is a way for users (sellers and buyers) to share some of their favourite finds by creating interest ‘boards’ in any type of genre or theme.  All you have to do is find items you like and add them to a ‘collection’  you have created – it could be an […]

Gel Nail Kit I like, courtesy of eBay


So the story goes like this… I lost a Sensational lamp, then I broke one.  I decided after that that God perhaps, if he exists, doesn’t want my to have a Sensationail machine or gel nails.  But here’s the thing. I do like painted nails but I; a. Seldom have time to apply it b. Definitely don’t have time to let it try properly c. If I manage to get it dry without smudging (almost […]

Screw You! eBay and Paypal, the Beatrice and Eugenie of the internet


I’ve long defended eBay despite the many problems people tell me they have with them but the straw has broken the camels back (I am the camel). I mean, their fees are absolutely extortionate (you pay listing fees, final sale fees – the higher the value of the item you sell, the more it will cost you – then Paypal will take a cut of the money too). If you pay with Paypal and you […]

Screw You! Bad eBay Sellers that don’t listen: ViVi Diamond Club


It’s ranty time here – and this time it’s an eBay seller! I purchased a few make up items (4 in total) from seller ViVi Diamond Club (user name: babykula_318). I told them clearly, that I wanted each item sent separately and was happy to pay the shipping costs – why? Because anything that is over £18 attracts a customs fee which is usually tax plus “handling fees”. I figured that paying shipping separately would […]

Screw You! eBay Seller themobileplus and an eBay Feedback Warning


You know I am a huge eBay fan and am always giving them my custom. Even after many, many purchases, sellers can still sometimes screw me over and I thought it was important to point out that Feedback is an important tool that you can use to leave HONEST remarks to help other eBayers decide whether to shop with a seller or not. I, for one, find overly aggressive sellers a real turn off – […]

Screw You No.1: eBay Shop Solewish and the hazards of buying shoes on eBay


I never learn – shoes are awkward things to buy at the best of times but I can’t help but be tempted by a pair or two. At least when you buy from a major catalogue site like ASOS or La Redoute you get free returns! Alas this is rarely the case on eBay. I bought a pair of boots from a seller called Solewish – they seemed like a big reputable seller and to […]

eBay Dilemmas: Paying a seller to cancel your listing


Recently I had a seller tell me to send him $3 to cancel a listing. I know eBay almost inside out so I immediately waved a red flag in the sellers face and told him to scoot, but I thought I would just make it clear to anyone who wasn’t sure… When you buy something on eBay, you are saying that you want it and you are willing to pay for it. If something goes […]

Tips from an Online Shopping Queen: Buying Make Up From eBay


Following the earlier post regarding Fake Nars and Benefit make up on eBay, I’ve decide to do a short shopping guide for you ladies. I love shopping! I love online shopping! Using eBay is second nature to me, I forget that a lot of people are still nervous about using it. Generally speaking I LOVE eBay. There’s no better place for a bargain – it is primarily a buyers market, not a sellers. I’ve been […]

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