Speed Review: Dr Bronner’s Magic All One Baby Mild Balm and Pure Castile Soap Review


Baby H now has a rather impressive stable of skincare products – I only use gentle products that are as natural as possible that work for his delicate skin.   Dr Bronner is a range I find interesting – I went through a phase when they first arrived in the UK of buying every single Dr Bronner wash available and trying them out.  I thought they were very nice although I didn’t go on to […]

Dr Bronner’s Organic Body/Tattoo Balm and Lip Balm


I like Dr Bronner product quite a lot – I bought some of his Magic Soap a while ago and it was pretty cool (its a liquid soap that can be used for all kinds of things – body wash, shampoo, face wash, hand wash etc.) Its basically Castile soap (made with Olive Oil)…its not very easy to make yourself but maybe one day I’ll teach you how… Anyway here is the Dr Bronner Organic […]

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