The Lipstick Effect


Because of the current economic woes, cosmetic giants, like L’oreal, Shiseido and Estee Lauder are reporting greater sales of cosmetics. It’s believed that during these hard times, as most of us have to give up the extravagant purchases, (new bathroom, holidays, Chanel handbags…ahem) Ladies have been giving themselves little boosts by buying little affordable treats – like Lipsticks! From the Telegraph: Recent sales figures from some of the world’s big cosmetic companies – L’Oréal, Beiersdorf […]

Say No to Hauls


Boo Hiss. Was dying for the Jill Stuart New Eye Jellies, but the exchange rate, (even worse when Paypal calculates it) is so bad: I am definately being more controlled (marginally) with my make up spending, but my overall goal this year was to cut down by like, oooh, 80%? Isn’t that the equivalent of coming off crack? The credit crunch, it seems is making the decisions for me because with many international sellers accepting […]

Do you care about Zhang Ziyi’s butt?


I really don’t. Well maybe a little. Anyway, I found it mildly interesting, in the way I find laminate flooring fascinating. But anyway, apparently pictures of Ziyi on the beach with her uber rich and rather powerful sugardaddy (yah, yah I know she has money. But she ain’t got his money or his connections – Would you date him? By date, you have to do all the other stuff that non-Christian couples do with each […]

You lie?: Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler


According the The Daily Mail, Estee Lauder have got into a bit of trouble for false advertising. They Say: Ever wish you could just visibly fill in your wrinkles? Now you can start with TRI-AKTILINE Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler. In this one complex a combination of ingredients help eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, brow lines and under eye lines on contact. Through a series of stringent tests this powerful treatment was proven effective. […]

What’s lost its fizzle?


Do you ever feel like some brands have lost their fizzle? I was thinking looking a Lavshuca’s winter offering and Lunasol collections how dull they are compared to the things that were released last year, or even 2 years ago.  The colours, the packaging is all pretty dull to me. my top 5 brands that have left me disinterested are: 1. Lavshuca 2. Lunasol 3. Chanel 4. MAC 5. Coffret D’or The five that have […]

Buying from Ebay – when is NEW, new?


I gave up selling on Ebay the day that I got a £180 fee for selling relatively few items, and then I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers.  Sure, some buyers are great.  But some are vindictive too.  Instead I use it for buying and rarely selling and let me tell you, its much easier on the buying end (except you have to pay, of course!). Now, with […]

Keira Knightly has the best pout…


…and I have the best spelling skills in the world. According to a Blistex survey, people would most like Keira’s lips, no Angelina’s trout pout. Lips…hmm…smile….yeuch. Keria shouldn’t smile, really. She instantly looks like a vampire when she opens her mouth…. Who does have nice lips? I think Donatella Versace has lovely, thick lips…I kid, I kid.

Bad Beauty; Evil Passport Photos

I was flicking through my passport the other day when I realised that it was soon to be out of date! Noooo! I may not have any travels planned but still, one needs a valid up to date passport incase: 1. I win a holiday 2. I get whisked away by Christian Bale 3. I get arrested as the boss of a criminal mastermind organization who smuggles eyeliners to kittens and I need to prove […]

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