Randomness No. 4: Introducing my new blog & Swatch Gallery….


Hai there! First things first, the Swatch Gallery is now open, BUT only 5% of the photographs I have are on there. Still, have a look around I will be adding more images as I go along. The blog sale page and reviewers area will also be up in the next Month so keep your eyes open! Now, I have been working on a few blogs recently… What I’ve found so interesting with blogging is […]

Housekeeping: Blog Changes, Poll and Random Chit Chat


Hallo Ladies! its been a while since I’ve done a random chit chat post but here is a quick bulletin, if you like, about what’s been going on. Blog Changes Mr Candy is working hard on blog changes and a new layout is imminent so don’t be disturbed if you log on one day and things look different! The new layout will be much cleaner and easier to use, and there will be more sections […]

Weekly Wishlist: March 22nd 2010


This weeks wishlist is: 1. Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer 2. Trish McEvoy Palette & Eye Base I am really into Trish McEvoy at the moment – I really want the Little Black Card Champagne Truffles kit, the Demure Sparke Eye Base and the Luminizer Pen. The Luminizer is quite pricey at around £26 (its a white sheer cream – which I know a lot of other brands do) but the last time I had a […]

Technical Difficulties?

Occasionally, a reader will email me with a little problem with the site – its difficult to find out what the issue is sometimes (could be our host, could be your computer, could be your internet provider etc.) but we will always do our best to get you back on the blog! Sometimes if you are having difficulties viewing the site, 3 quick things can help – 1. Try a different browser. If you are […]

You Tell Me: Should we be allowed to return cosmetics?

Consumer Rights. Trading Standards. It’s been opened. It’s been tested. There’s creases around the crotch area. Sorry, you already ate 95% of the meal, miss. There are so many reasons as to why people won’t give you your money back. The US is fantastic for returns even for make up items (and US ladies, please do comment and tell me if this is not as great as I think it is…). In the UK returns […]

Why won’t you finish?!


What do you do if you aren’t keen on a product? You can 1. Return it if you live in the US? Not in the UK though – you don’t get refunds on a cosmetic items AT ALL (unless you break out in a hideous rash but I bet you would still have a fight on your hands). 2. Throw it away. Bit wasteful though… 3. Put it into storage….along with 1,293 items… 4. Give […]

What is Superbowl?

Seriously. The other half was flicking through the channels and fell asleep on the channel that was showing the Superbowl. I was too busy typing to change the channel so I watched Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson sing – now I am confused. Why is it so big? This is American Football right? TOH tells me American football is “rugby but for girls”, does he lie?

Beauty is danger (ous)?


An article over at The Daily Mail got me thinking about whether beauty products are ‘safe’ or at least, as beneficial as we think they are. I have turned into a raving mad ball of itchies lately – my skin and scalp are going to pot and methinks and overload of products may have something to do with it. Now, you know the Daily Mail loves to speak in hyperbole: Yet just this week, research […]

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