What’s lost its fizzle?


Do you ever feel like some brands have lost their fizzle? I was thinking looking a Lavshuca’s winter offering and Lunasol collections how dull they are compared to the things that were released last year, or even 2 years ago.  The colours, the packaging is all pretty dull to me. my top 5 brands that […]

Buying from Ebay – when is NEW, new?


I gave up selling on Ebay the day that I got a £180 fee for selling relatively few items, and then I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers.  Sure, some buyers are great.  But some are vindictive too.  Instead I use it for buying and rarely selling and […]

Keira Knightly has the best pout…


…and I have the best spelling skills in the world. According to a Blistex survey, people would most like Keira’s lips, no Angelina’s trout pout. Lips…hmm…smile….yeuch. Keria shouldn’t smile, really. She instantly looks like a vampire when she opens her mouth…. Who does have nice lips? I think Donatella Versace has lovely, thick lips…I kid, […]

Bad Beauty; Evil Passport Photos

I was flicking through my passport the other day when I realised that it was soon to be out of date! Noooo! I may not have any travels planned but still, one needs a valid up to date passport incase: 1. I win a holiday 2. I get whisked away by Christian Bale 3. I […]

Excessive Packaging?

I am a regular at Strawberrynet, one of the biggest internet cosmetic retailers. They have mixed reviews from MUA, but I can honestly say that in my experience (apparently I have made 98 orders with them!) that they have always provided good products, well withing sell by date, in good condition with reliable delivery. I […]

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