Emergency On The Go Beauty Kit! What is yours?


Earlier this week I had a killer busy day, one of those where you’re booked up with appointments from 8 in the morning til 9pm at night. I love it, although in my experience, by the end of the day I am a sweaty, greasy, fumbling hot mess.  Indeed, following directions and getting around is not my forte. But this time I wanted to be prepared for the inevitable getting sweaty and lost!  Without carrying […]

Make Up Bargain Shopping: Do you buy out of season or discontinued make up?


People buy discontinued and out of season make up for all kinds of reasons. It could be that you: a. Want a specific product that has been discontinued by a manufacturer/brand. b. Want a specific shade that has been discontinued by a manufacturer/brand. c. Want to try a range that has been completely discontinued …and so on… Being a bona fide bargain hunter (no matter what it is I’m buying!) I find myself buying a […]

How much make up is too much make up: Jordan aka Katie Price wears it thick


I know that Katie Price is hardly subtle when it comes to her looks and image, but even I choked on my croissant when I saw her new single (not at all aimed at Peter Andre) cover: This make up, cosmetic surgery and photoshopping job is extreme! The skin, the tiny nose, the thick rubbery lips, the black drawn on brows…is it too much? It is ok because it’s her? Does anyone find this look […]

Poll Time: Do you prefer Blog Posts or Videos?


You Tube is such a wonderful place – well, it has its downside – but overall its a fantastic place to watch what I want, when I want. It got me thinking – what do most people prefer – blog posts or videos? Blog Posts require a bit more effort – you have to read through it, but it can be more informative than a video (ie. when listing ingredients). Videos are quite a tricky […]

Beauty Memories: Extreme Nose Contouring, Remember This?


Last week, me and Mr Candy decided to make some tapes (VHS for you spring chickens) for Candy Grandad, who hasn’t quite entered the DVD generation. As a result we ended up going through our own childhood tape collections, and I found an old recording of a Chinese Variety show by TVB (the biggest TV channel in Hong Kong). I used to watch this thing all the time as a kid, its kind of the […]

The Beauty Fluke: How dedicated to beauty are you?


I have made many beauty promises that I haven’t been sticking to. Why? I just don’t have much time at night to do pampers – I have a lot of work to do and usually crash out at bedtime, exhausted. So I thought I’d make some kind of pledge on here to start as of Saturday (this week) to make full use of some things I am trying out to see if I will see […]

Trying is better than not Trying: Beauty No Buy FYI


*UPDATE* = Ok ok I admit that I bought a Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer today and their Powder Puff. But its a moisturizerrrr! Skincare doesn’t count! Ladies! Today I am making a declaration – a declaration of NO BUY for the next month! A month, you scoff? That’s nothing! But you are talking to a shopping addict here, I am the worst kind of emotional shopper… In the last week alone I have […]

Ask me now!


Girls… I am SO behind on replying to comments (I will get round to it), and emails – I read every single message but sometimes I have so many other things to take care of I know it will take a while for me to respond. I am not trying to ignore anyone, mind, I just have a distinct lack of time. So this post is a quick question amnesty* – if you left a […]

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