Readers Choice: Hair Cut!

Thanks guys for all your responses on what I should do to my damn hair! I am getting a cut and a swish blow dry after work today. With any luck I should come out of the salon bouncing like a golden retriever and not sulking like a Cyrus – Billy Ray Cyrus that is, Circa 1991. Your chosen hair for me (it seems) is: Its very nice. My hair is a little overly layered […]

Is it possible to cheat on your SA?

I was having an interesting conversation on Twitter with Mizzworthy, who goes to the same large department store (Selfridges, Trafford Centre in Manchester) as me. It has a gorgeous, big, relaxed beauty hall (but a vicious pig-in-a-lipstick for a floor manager. But that story is for another day…) The thing about beauty junkies like me is that you spend a lot of time on counters. You build up relationships with these girls and they sometimes […]

Your Hair & Nail Questions!

Hey up! I need to know if you have any questions concerning hair colouring (can be anything at all) and if you have any questions about Nails. For example – my questions for hair colouring are: 1. What is the correct way to get rid of black hair dye? 2. Are Semi-Pemanents truly semi? If not how can we gauge what damage we will do to out hair? (because my semi is 100% not budging) […]

Beauty Court : YSL Touche Eclat, you stink!

Roll up, roll up, for Cosmetic Candy’s new series, Beauty Court. I have some super fun posts coming up for you (if I don’t say so myself) so stay tuned! All you badly behaved cosmetics will have no where to hide, now that I can take you to court! (suggestions for offenders are also welcome). This week we are dealing with this golden darling: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat………. Why? Read on!

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