Beauty Yay or Nay? Little Girl in Make Up aka Noah Cyrus


Little Noah Cyrus, Miley’s 10 year old little sister not only wears what seems to be a full face of make up, but also dresses like a older lady: I think Noah is too young to be wearing clothes like that with matching fishnet tights (fancy dress, you cry? Well what is she going dressed as, an exotic dancer?) and to be wearing a full face of make up – a glitter gel (applied badly) […]

Effective Branding: Do you like the Calorie Off Piggy


Sorry for the lack of product reviews guys! I have the amazing amazing huge box full of samples and purchases I am dying to review for you but I just haven’t got the time to crack things open and photograph them as well. Hang tight, there’s lots of good things coming up and a video. Now – I was surfing eBay again and I noticed some ‘Calorie Off’ weight loss products. Calorie Off sells a […]

You Tell Me: Product Mark Ups – How much is too much?


I was looking to make a little haul from Asia – an online beauty store I’ve supported from the day it opened, only to find that the price of the goodies had gone up significantly – we’re talking 10-20% on prices just a few months ago despite already being an expensive retailer to buy from… A lot of the Asian cosmetics I buy come from people who already live in that part of the world […]

Sweeping Statement Time: Men think we wear too much make up


I was reading The Daily Mail (I admit it ok – you should too) and guess what? Today they’ve decided that “millions” of men think we wear too much make up and prefer the natural look. They chose pretty extreme examples of those who do like to cake it on – Jordan, Xtina, for example: Yes, its pretty tranny-rific, but they are also celebrities and are out doing their photoshoot thing, not like they are […]

Poll: How many posts do you want on Cosmetic Candy?

This may have been something I’ve asked you before but I want to be sure – how many posts do you want to see on Cosmetic Candy? I generally do at least 3 posts a day, but somedays I may go nuts and post 15! But then do you have time to read these? Do you feel overwhelmed if there is too much new content? Do you prefer things more spread out? Tell me in […]

Tell Me: Why is it so hard to find….

The topic of finding a sticky, clear gloss came up the other day when a reader wanted to know if I had found one to use to stick glitter to my eyes. I had found one (Miss Sporty) but only just. It occurred to me then….some things should exist but are might hard to locate…. For example, here are 3 things I was looking for recently – 1. A clear, non scented, non plumping, sticky […]

Tell Me: What beauties are you bored of?

Good Afternoon, my beauties! I have so, so much to post about, I just don’t have the time to do it all. Stuff coming up include my 24 Carat Gold Facial, and a super sparkly Tutorial look. Also lots of gift recommendations etc. etc. Hopefully, you are enjoying the December Posts even if there aren’t as many going up as quickly as I had hoped…. Anyway – I want to ask you a question… Beauty […]

Do other people R-E-S-P-E-C-T your beauty collection?

I know, its only make up. Being a beauty addict I have a certain way I organising my make up (in a large bag, in cabinets, in smaller bags, then mini bags) and that is my way of doing it. If people start messing things up (Mr Candy) in an attempt to “tidy it” it drives me insane. I also dislike people messing with my day to day beauty essentials, especially cream products. Why? Bacteria. […]

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