Compare and Contrast: Vaseline, Skin Lightening Creams, Facebook Apps and Shahid Kapur


Vaseline have launched a Facebook application for their range of skin lightening creams targeted at Indian ‘metrosexual’ men, which lightens half the face to show how much fairer they can look. This has of course caused much fuss: The vehicle Vaseline have used is wrong. To have something as trivial as a Facebook App to show you how much ‘better’ you look with ‘lighter skin’ reduces something that is quite serious and a big commitment […]

Blogger Dilemma: Can I use your photos for free? Pwwweezzzee?


**Updated (please see end of the post)** A few days ago, a fairly new online store emailed me to ask if they could use some of my images on their website as I was wearing a product that they are currently selling. They were apparently featuring images of their customers and bloggers modelling the range. Sure, I replied, and I’d appreciate a link back to the blog. A reply came saying thanks, blah blah blah […]

Tattoos – Tramp Stamps or Beautiful Body Art?


When Peaches Geldof was recently snapped during a drunken (and god knows what else) one night stand, she was quite clearly identified by the tattoos on her body. Peaches has quite a few tattoos and of course the rather distinctive long flower up her torso. Peaches is of course still a young girl – I wonder if she will grow to regret any of her adornments? So I was thinking ladies – what do most […]

You Tell Me: What is a niche make up brand?


Ladies…someone asked me the question today… What is your favourite niche make up brand? Niche make up brand…first thing that popped to mind was the number of Japanese brands I buy – Lavshuca, Canmake, KATE etc. but do these really count as a “niche” brands? Let’s say that we know for sure that the large, international brands aren’t niche brands. This is your: Estee Lauder Brands: MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, La Mer, Estee Lauder […]

Confession Time: Beauty Can’t Do


I was cutting my nails the other day and the tween asks me why I don’t file them. She then pulls out a hideous glittery stick and wafts it in my face and all it reminds me of is the tongue depresser. Because girls, there’s something I can’t do. Have tried a few times but I just don’t get it. Filing Nails. My mother always clipped them for me as a kid. As an adult […]

Help: Blog Layout Revamp, your input please!


I have been meaning to change the layout of this blog for a while, clean it up and simplify etc. but I barely have any time to brush my hair, never mind take care of the big matters at hand! But here we are…. Rough plans have been drawn up, tests have been done and now, the now opinion of the people who really matter (you guys)! I’d love to hear feedback and what you […]

Poll: Is drugstore / high street make up too expensive?


I was doing a bit of sympathy shopping the other day (sympathy for whom you ask? Why, for myself!) and decided to buy a few things from Boots as opposed to Harvey Nichols (everything they give me is always slightly faulty anyway), in a faux ‘look how frugal I’m being’ stance. I purchased three items and I nearly faked a concussion (again) at the till when the girl told me my total was about £27.60 […]

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